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The PG Programme provides not only conceptual knowledge but also realistic situations for decision making and emphasizes realistic learning and active student participation in the academic process rather than passive assimilation. The case method, therefore, has become a major instrument of learning in its programmes.

Cases are descriptions of actual management problem situations written from the experiences of organizations in a wide range of settings. Each case presents facts known to executives responsible for dealing with the situation. Students are exposed to a large number of Indian case and learn how to differentiate one situation from another.

While discussing cases, students are placed in a position where, as managers, they must not evaluate evidence but act with responsibility. The students constantly face new situations in which they must weigh and evaluate fresh combinations of facts, half facts, opinions and ideas. They are expected to define the basic problems, develop objectives, sort out relevant facts, analyze the evidence against specific issues and complexities, formulate reasoned conclusions for action, and consider the implications , of the action.

Besides the case method, there are other methods of instruction such as seminars, group exercises, role playing, lectures and discussions. Audio-visual aids/ internet are also used.
In addition, the institute's computer center provides opportunities for students to interact with complex problem-situations with are dynamic as against static, probabilistic as against certain, and indirect as against obvious.

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